Swallowing Tongues


“A good act has a clear beginning and end.”

Nobody enters a theatre neutral. To visit a theatre means having certain expectations and means to follow a set of socially established rules. We go to the theatre to consume. The chairs you are sitting in are designed to keep you still and silent for the duration of the show. They don’t want you to intervene in the performance. There is a clear beginning and end, so you know when to pay attention and when to clap.

“The act has already begun?”

By blurring the outlines of the act, the set of rules gets blurred as well. In this area of uncertainty, a new relation between performer and spectator can get established. In Swallowing Tongues, the spectator is forced to take action, becoming a spect-actor. He becomes intrinsic for the success of the performance, taking responsibility for someone else as well as for his own actions.


Duration:           7-8 Minutes

Crew:                Concept and direction: Jakob Lohmann

                          Text: Jakob Lohmann

                          Artistic coaching: Fabian Galama & Stefan Kinsman

                          Voice: Carina Klingsell

The piece had its premier the 22nd and 23rd of June 2018 in the Oude Luxor Theater Rotterdam