Direction, Dramaturgy, Performer

Present is an upcoming project which will start its creation in October 2020. See the "present" section in Projects and Performances or click here for more information.

Being Audience|Being Performer (Premier 04.10.2020, Leggere Strutture, Bologna, Italy)

Direction and Dramaturgy

THE performer/s is/are expected to give his/her best. To communicate something through their medium or to entertain with it. To be worth the money, to be worth the time the audience is investing.

THE audience is expected to be open and honest towards what they see. To be present, or to choose not to be present any longer. To comment/communicate back about what they see/have experienced through their own actions. The individual audience members take the form of a collective. In my work I am looking to empower a collective of people free to express themselves; a collective of artists themselves in their own way. This stands in contrast to a collective audience following social pressures and a learned behavior of how to behave in a performance.

I am asking the question of: “What would happen if one is asked to play the role of the audience?”

Private Dancer (Premier 04.10.2020, Leggere Strutture, Bologna, Italy)


Private Dancer is a solo dance piece reflecting the relationship between performer and spectator. The dancer here stands in service of the audience. He/she is their private dancer.

Every audience carries expectations; including those saying they don’t. The act of going to watch a performance is an investment of time which the spectator wants to be rewarded for in one way or another. Even the spectator that doesn’t know what to expect is still expecting to be surprised or to be rewarded for the time he/she invests in one way or another. It is these expectations that place the performer as the servant to the audience.

Interventions Filigrana Exposition Bologna, Italy ( Sadly the project had to be cancelled due to the Corona Outbreak. Find some Pictures taken during a rehearsal with test a audience on Facebook )

Direction and Dramaturgy

Inside the space of the exhibition, beside the space of the installation, an additional research and
explorative relationship space will be explored. A moving space of actions.
The body-engine, the mind-engine tend subtle and fragile threads which become light, web,
connection, entanglement. Everyone’s bodies, everyone’s minds. 

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